“…unto the great men…”

Jeremiah 5:5a ” I will get me unto the great men…”founder

There are in every person’s life those people who have made life changing impacts.

Dr. Bruce Cummons was one of those men. Don’t miss understand me, I have been in the “man-worship-services” and this is not that type of post. Due to the fact that soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving here in the USA and on Sunday November 22, 2015, Massillon Baptist College will be at Riverside Baptist, one tends to retrospect  and this man of God was a huge impact on this Christian and preacher’s life.

Dr. Cummons could say as Paul said “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.” – I Corinthians 11:1, he would even say to his pastoral theology class he never wanted a following based upon himself, only of on Christ. Because of his desire to see God receive glory he lead the way in the founding of Massillon Baptist College in 1973. It is truly a blessing to see my  alma mater staying true to God’s Word.

May we all be challenged to be able to be an influence in someones life- for good.