I Have Chosen

Psalm 119:30

We live in a day when we have multiple decisions that must be made. Some of these decisions may have long lasting if not eternal consequences.

As a believer, a child of God by faith in Jesus Christ, you have multiple decisions to choose daily also. So where do you start?

The Psalmist in Ps. 119:30 gives a foundational principle, upon which all other decisions, that are made, will be influenced. – The Way of Truth.

John 17:17, Jesus in His high Priest prayer, reminds us that God’s Word is Truth.

John 8:32, Jesus informs believers that we can know the truth and that truth shall make us free.

We must choose to follow God’s principles, Truths, found in His Word, by which we will be made free. Free from the chains of addiction, free from the pollutes of Worldly influences, free from the bonds of Satanic powers, free to live, not for ourselves, but for Jesus.

Just as in obtaining salvation, choosing Christ, we will never be made free until we choose the way of truth – the Bible can be that lamp unto your feet to light your path – you don’t need to fail, if you choose.