Pastor’s Blog

A Thankful Heart

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, there are reminders everywhere to be thankful. The holidays truly are some of the best times of the entire year. Perhaps that is why so many will say ” I wish it was like the holidays all year round!” Why is it that around thanksgiving everyone seems a little... Read more »

God’s View on Failure

Have you ever felt as though you are one big disaster? Perhaps you have fallen in your spiritual walk with God and just can’t seem to get back on your feet? Maybe you have even made a big mistake, and in the worlds’ eyes you would be considered a failure. Can I tell you that... Read more »

Even as God….Forgave YOU!

Anyone that has been around children for any amount of time knows that all children have at least one thing in common – all kids like to mimic grownups! Whether it’s their mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, or just someone they admire, if you do it…they do it! Did you know that as Christians... Read more »

There IS Bread in Egypt

Warning! Caution! Dead End! If we were to see any of these signs while driving on the road we would certainly take a moment to evaluate the direction that we were headed. If you set out for a long trip and you saw a sign that read ‘bridge out ahead’ you would chart a different... Read more »

4 Things That Happen When You Go To Church

With our yearly Faith-Promise Missions Conference just a few weeks around the corner I have found myself contemplating different things as I prepare for what the Lord would have for our church during the conference. Missions Conference has always been my favorite time of the year, but in all honesty, I really enjoy any special... Read more »

The Value of One

We live in a world today where everything is disposable. We have disposable plates and silverware to make after meal clean-up a breeze. We have disposable cameras, disposable tissues, and even disposable razors. While the world continues to change and culture evolves each year, some advances are good while other are more regrettable. We have... Read more »

Do You Know How It Feels?

Have you ever tried to picture a place based solely on how someone explains it to you? Perhaps your friend has just come from a trip and they are trying their best to paint a picture of where they just spent the last few days. You try your hardest to picture the location, but no... Read more »

A Godly “Cheer-Leader”

We live in such a messed up society. That statement may echo in a lot of people’s heads today, but it doesn’t excuse us from being “messed-up”. Yes, it may feel like we are living in Isaiah’s verse twenty from his fifth chapter “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness... Read more »

The ten most powerful words!

There is in life some powerful words. To have your little toddler wobble over to you, grab your leg, then look up at you and say “I love you”, then just wobble away not wanting anything in return. That’s some powerful words. But as a Christians there is a Bible verse that will help reshape... Read more »

Enjoy your weekend

Funny how our culture has been attempting to remove God from our daily lives, A strong example is how we talk about the weekend being Friday night through Sunday. We want all the relax time and free time to play and gather our strength (which there is nothing wrong with desiring some time to relax... Read more »