If you are looking for a church home, or looking for some answers, we would like to invite you to visit us! Riverside Baptist Church in Clarington, Ohio is without apology Independent, Fundamental and Bible-Believing.


We are not part of, nor do we answer to a fellowship, heirarchy or convention that dictates direction or issues contrary to the Bible.

  • Governed by the Scriptures
  • Guided by the Shepherd


We hold to the fundamentals of Christian beliefs.

  • The Verbal inspiration of the scriptures
  • The Virgin birth of Jesus Christ
  • The Vicarious death of Christ
  • The Victorious Resurrection of Christ
  • The Visible return of Jesus Christ


We are seeing in our culture the absence of a moral compass. The Bible is our moral compass. It is by this book that we live and guide our lives. When our country had a moral compass, she had a moral society. We believe the Bible doesn’t just contain the Word of God; it is the Word of God!